Ecosystem Package for Local Governments

OnePlanet offers a range of ‘Ecosystem’ Packages to support Local Governments to implement and monitor their Sustainability Strategies and Climate Action Plans. Our Ecosystem Packages include:

  1. Mapping of key strategies onto the OnePlanet platform to align activities across the council.
  2. An Ecosystem Plan that outlines the Local Government’s overall sustainability vision, including the shared outcomes it wants to achieve.
  3. Framework Lenses that allow users to visualise, filter and reorganise data as needed.
  4. Action Management and Reporting tools to simplify management, minimise duplication, streamline reporting and increase capacity.
  5. Ability to connect and engage with external stakeholders.
  6. Option to publish an Interactive Mindmap to engage the community on the progress being made.

Project and Procurement Carbon Mitigation Assessments

OnePlanet have created templates that ensure new projects and procurements are aligned with the climate and net zero targets. The templates are designed to support all council members to assess the carbon impact of their project or procurement. This supports everyone in the organisation to collaborate on climate action, reduces resources and helps minimise scope three emissions.

Community Resource Maps

OnePlanet can create a Community Resource Map for Local Governments that are looking to engage more widely with their community and influence sustainable behaviour change. The Maps are accessible to the public and allow them to explore resources linked to the Local Government’s sustainability vision. Residents are able to understand what they can do in their community to help the Council achieve its outcomes as well as lead healthy lifestyles that are good for the planet.

The Net Zero Navigator Tool

Created in partnership with Connected Places Catapult, Space Syntax and Useful Projects, this powerful, dynamic and smart tool identifies the interventions a Local Government needs to take to reach its Net Zero target. It is a great place to start for those who do not currently have a Sustainability Strategy or Climate Action Plan.

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