Create, share, connect + collab

OnePlanet platform is designed to help you create actionable plans for your organisation. You can set outcomes you wish to achieve, link-up actions your organisation needs to take and utilise indicators that help you monitor progress.

Large ecosystems require plans that reflect their complexity, which is why we have made technology that effortlessly creates, shares and connects multiple plans in as simple a way as possible.

These are the core features of the platform

Mind Map

Prioritise, focus, cut through confusion, identify inconsistencies,
gaps and opportunities, communicate easily

Table view

See your plan in spreadsheet form, easy to edit

Document view

View, edit and save your plan in various formats


View and organise plans through multiple different frameworks in the click of a button with our Lens functionality. Plans can be developed using our standard frameworks such as One Planet Living® principles and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If you have your own sustainability framework or would like to create one, we can create a customised Lens for you.

Add Members

Collaborate in real time, greater engagement and participation


Collaborate in ‘ecosystems’ on shared outcomes


Automatically showcase your commitment to
sustainability and wellbeing online