OnePlanet Portfolio

All your world-regenerating work in one place

What is OnePlanet Portfolio

OnePlanet Portfolio is a place where you can collect and showcase all your world-regenerating work in one place. Think of it as a resume for those of you who want to make BIG changes in the world!

You can upload any type of work, for example, essays, poems, presentations, workshops, videos, volunteers work, activism events, etc - all this will appear on your portfolio timeline. Read our OnePlanet Scholar testimonials to find out more.

The world needs YOU more than ever!

Why create a OnePlanet Portfolio?

  • Think of your portfolio as your resume for all your world-regenerating work
  • Use it to make your application stand out as you apply to college, jobs or future careers.
  • Keep track of all the work you've done for people and planet - you'll inspire them to take action.
  • Challenge yourself to become a OnePlanet Scholar and then an Ambassador!
  • Some students who submitted their OnePlanet portfolios along with their college applications have received between $8,000 and $15,000 scholarships towards their tuition.

Did you know? More colleges, universities and companies are seeking people who are sustainability changemakers. The UN reports says that 24 million new green jobs could be created by 2030

We use One Planet Living®

Your portfolio will be structured using One Planet Living® principles, created by Bioregional together with WWF.

One Planet Living® Principles

Five Planet Earths

"If everyone in the world lived like the average American, we'd need five planet Earths." How many planets would we need if everyone lived like you? Find out there:

My Personal Ecological Footprint

How to create a OnePlanet Portfolio

  • Take your first step in becoming certified as an OnePlanet Scholar by completing the “Start your portfolio” form.

  • Once we have your request, we will process your application and send you your relevant login details to start your profile, explore and learn about each of the principles and ultimately start making positive changes in the world!

How to become a OnePlanet Scholar

To become a OnePlanet Scholar you'll need to submit a minimum of 10 pieces of work, one for each principle, into your portfolio and complete the final reflection summary.

With this complete you can use your unique link to request review for your OnePLanet Scholar certification which will be emailed to you.

As a OnePLanet Scholar you have integrated the 10 guiding principles into your personal lifestyle choices and behaviour.

How to become a OnePlanet Ambassador

When you have you OnePlanet Scholar Certificate you can work towards becoming a OnePlanet Ambassador.

Ambassadors have an ever growing portfolio with minimum of 30 submissions and 200 hours of volunteer work.

They mentor others to start their OnePlanet Journey, showcase and share their portfolios publicly and are often asked to speak about their OnePlanet work.

Ambassadors are true movers, shakers and change makers in their communities.

Ambassadors continue to inspire others to join their work in making the world a more equitable, healthier and happier place for all!

It's free but donate to help us keep initiative going and GROWING!

All donations go towards advancing our platform so that it can continue to support youth as they build their resumes, showcase their world saving work and gain the recognition they deserve. We hope this platform helps you take the steps to be a leader, making the changes you want to see in the world and inspiring others to join you! If you can't afford to pay, no problem, but we suggest a one-off donation of $30. If you choose to donate more than $30, it will go towards helping those who can't afford to pay.


Fits on all your favourite devices

OnePlanet Students app has been designed for sutdents on the go so they can add to their portfolio anytime anyplace.

Scholar testimonials

I think the portfolio really helps make sustainability a focus in your life. I noticed that as I worked with OnePlanet I became way more conscious of how myself and my family were living: of the actions I was taking, of the products I was buying, and the food I was eating... which led sustainability and activism to simply become a part of the way that I move through the world. Making the portfolio allowed me to reflect on the way that my actions affect the planet and society. I think that if we could find a way to have every person go through this process, it could have a great impact on the future of our planet.

Katrina Yardley 12th Grade Credo High in Rohnert Part CA, 2021
When I first considered the idea of a portfolio at the beggining of Junior year, I felt a bit overwhelmed because I couldn't imagine being able to fill it with highly relevant and legitimate information; however, nine months later, I am instead overwhelmed with all of the things that I, in coordination with the One Planet Team, have accomplished and enacted. I was pleasantly surprised during the creation of this portfolio because I was able to relate things from several classes in order to represent what I have done in accordance with One Planet Living.

Nolan Crichton Graduated from Credo High in Rohnert Park CA, 2019
Creating this portfolio was very inspiring for me. Not only did my confidence grow as I bloomed as a leader, but my confidence in my community and youth has grown as have got to really see the change we can make when we all work together.

Seray Cemre Gonen Graduated from Middle College/College Connect in San Mateo County, 2020.
I created a OnePlanet portfolio because I wanted a place to see my accomplishments to both feel pride and inspire me to do more. Seeing everything I have done defenitely made me feel more confident and capable. Another amazing benefit was putting in on my college application which I defenitely think made me stand out as an applicant.

America Greenfield-Peterson 12th Grade Credo High in Rohnert Park CA, 2021
This portfolio has been a wonderful way for me to compile all of the work I've done over the years. When I feel doubtful of my accomplishments as a student and as a human being, my portfolio is a way for me to come back and be reminded of the good deeds that I have done. I also find that making my portfolio motivates me to do more. Having all of my accomplishments stored in one place, inspires me to get more stuff done so that I have more work to show in my portfolio.

Ama Luna Freeman Credo Senior, Graduated from Credo High in Rohnert Park CA, 2021